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Style File: Wine Glasses and Decanters

By July 10, 2018Style File


Crystal Wine DecantersI enjoy a good glass of wine and I don’t consider myself a wine expert by any means. I recently came across an article about wines recommended by another design blogger that I found really helpful. I am sharing the article here: How to Order Wine Like aCrystal Wine Glass Professional.

To go along with a good wine, I recommend indulging in a Waterford decanter or two! Red wine in
a decanter just adds elegance to the experience! Waterford also produces many fine patterns of cut crystal glasses that are both beautiful and sturdy enough for everyday use.


  • Two vintage Waterford decanters $195-$225 each
  • Glenmore tumbler glasses-set of 6 $250
  • Introduced in 1962 and retired from production. Inspired by the historic city of Glenmore where the Annaghs Tower house was built over 500 years ago.
  • Crystal ice bucket $95

Cheers everyone!




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