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Style File: Summer Spirit!

By July 24, 2018Style File

Style File

July 24, 2018

The Editor in Chief at Veranda has a list of ten goals for summer. I thought his manifesto for summer was enlightening and I am sharing it with some edits of my own!

  1. Keep it simple-whether it is entertaining or doing chores, don’t sweat it!
  2. Immerse yourself in fun! Golf, yes! Gardening, well, I am trying to go with the flow.
  3. Experts say use rainy days to clean out closets and junk drawers but I say go see a good movie.
  4. Don’t overthink things. Planning is good but obsessing is entirely different!
  5. Treat yourself. A splurge of ice cream on a hot day, and the world didn’t end.
  6. Make merry and invite people over!
  7. Savor the vitamin D along with some SPF, of course.
  8. Be thoughtful and send a hand-written note.
  9. Pick some flowers!
  10. Inspiration is everywhere-like right here at Ghent Antiques!

These paintings at Ghent Antiques all say summer time! These beautiful scenes are hand painted, signed and framed! They are reasonably priced for canvas art. They are just the right size to hang side by side or stack two or three of them vertically on a wall. Framed canvas art makes a nice collection anywhere in a home.

  • Framed canvas girl $60
  • Framed canvas shore scene $65
  • Framed canvas landscape with house $65

Hope everyone gets to relax and enjoy the rest of the season!












Ghent Antiques/ Spertner Jewelers

1414 Colley Avenue

Norfolk, Virginia

Phone: 757.623.3311

Hours: M-S 10: – 5:30 S 1:30-4:30



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