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Style File: Haint Blue

By July 31, 2018Style File


Summer Coastal DesignStill sticking to summer themes, I want to talk about Haint Blue. As you know, I am a native New Yorker, so when I moved to Virginia about a decade ago I heard my neighbors talking about painting their porches Haint Blue. At first, I thought I was not hearing the pronunciation correctly. Were people talking about painting their porches a faint blue color?

Haint Blue is not a single color. Haint Blue refers to any number of soft pale blues from aqua to periwinkle. Its popularity for porch ceilings originates in southern folkloOyster Platere. Evil spirits called Haints cannot cross
water, and painting porch ceilings and doorways the color of water was a way of tricking the evil spirits into leaving a house alone.

Even if you don’t believe in evil spirits, painting a porch ceiling sky blue is a charming way of blending the indoors and outside. Atmospheric and Blue Horizon are two Sherwin Williams colors used to get the Haint Blue color.

Some items from Ghent Antiques remind me Haint Blue so here they are again!

  • Framed signed canvas shore scene $65
  • Antique hand painted oyster plate from Union Porcelain $495
  • Haint blue painted porch ceiling

Hope we all get to dry out soon and enjoy our porches soon!

Painting Ghent Antiques



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