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Style File: Decorate with Books!

By August 14, 2018Style File


1430409752689The Sale is on! Ten great Art books for sale at Ghent Antiques. The books range in price from $20-$40. The question is…what to do with all those beautiful books? Books aren’t just for shelves! Here are a few suggestions from HGTV on how to stylize your coffee table:

  • Convert a coffee table into a library
    • Stack books horizontally, and create separate and distinct stacks.1414010567951
  • Maintain Balance
    • Tape off sections of a coffee table to form a grid and position objects within a square.
    • To keep the coffee table balance, vary the scale of the items and stack or group like objects together.
  • Make Seasonal Swap-Outs
    • Rotate seasonal decorative elements. Spring-vase of tulips. Summer-place a sea conch on a stack of books for a beach vibe. Come fall-swap out the shell for a pumpkin or gourd.
  • Three’s Company
    • Age old rule of three! Divide table top in three separate sections. This is especially true for long rectangular shaped tables.
  • Use a Tray
    • A tray is both practical and stylish. A tray is useful for giving structure and to a free form table, anchoring items to that they don’t feel like they’re floating.



Come on over and browse the Art book sale!




Ghent Antiques

1414 Colley Avenue

Norfolk, Virginia

Phone: 757.623.3311

Hours: M-S 10: -5:30 S 1:30-4:30





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